Endocrinology Lecture(BIO 521)

Explore the physiological roles of the hormones, biosynthesis and its release, storage, factors and mechanisms controlling the hormonal secretions and its mode of action. Learn the pathophysiology of the endocrine system dysfunction and how hormones maintain the homeostasis of the body

Active Learning Strategies : 'Brand Your Gland'

No. of Students: 18

Course description: One semester course. Meets every week for 2 and half hours.

Assignment: In this assignment students work in groups of two and are assigned a gland on which they do intense research. The presentations need to be unique and creative such that it can deliver the enthusiasm and confidence in such a away that it represents the gland as the most important gland in the body. The more you can brand your gland with unique ideas the better it is. The presentation can be as power-point, drama or lecture base (any new form of presentation needs prior approval by Dr. Chakraborty)

Total number of points:50

Grading: 50% by the instructor and 50% by peers