'Brand Your Gland'

Graduate Course- Endocrinology BIO 521 No. of Students: 18

Course description: The course is one semester meets every week for 2 and half hours.

AssignmentIn this assignment students are assigned work in groups of two and are assigned a gland on which they do intense research so that they can pitch to the class their gland as to how the gland is the most important gland in your body.The more you can brand your gland more points you get. Ideas should be creative and the presentation can be as power-point, drama or lecture base. Total number of points:50

Grading: 50% by the instructor and 50% by peers


  1. Extremely interactive and student geared
  2. Effect way of cooperative learning
  3. Helps students learn web-based research skill
  4. Students learn to critical thinking and explore ideas
  5. Students learn to critic and grade their peers


  1. Some students do not participate as much
  2. Grading needs proper rubric
  3. Time consuming for instructor to develop and implement the assignment
  4. There are students who grade improperly.