Anatomy And Physiology (BIO 203 and BIO 204)

This course will apply knowledge of normal anatomy and physiology to promote a clear understanding of structure of the body, consideration of how related they are and their functions


Active Learning Strategy:

Implementing Technology In Class-room/and Cooperative Learning

No. of Students: 300-400 students from a variety of majors. The majority of the students taking this course are freshman and sophomores.

Course description and set up: two semester course and has 3 hours of lecture and 2.5 hours of laboratory each week. The anatomy laboratory is set up with four work tables with a maximum of six students at a table. There were two iPads at each table so that students were encouraged to work together but still had adequate access to the iPads. The students were instructed to use two apps on the iPads are Visible Body (Argosy Publishing, Inc.) and Essential Anatomy 5.0 (3D4 Medical).along with the anatomical models to delineate the various structures, systems and anatomical relationships.